Case Law Haiku

Poetic Justice

McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission

The statute that caps
Aggregate Contributions
Not narrow enough


Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Co.

Foreseeable Harm
Necessary for Duty
So Says Cardozo

United States v. Windsor

Congress must treat gays
equally under the law
Scalia dissents

Miranda v. Arizona

You don’t know your rights?
Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments
Cops gotta tell you

Gibbons v. Ogden

I have state mandate
You have Federal Mandate
Commerce Clause. You win.

Marbury v. Madison

Right to Commission
Court can’t order other branch
Judicial Review

Sherwood v. Walker

I’ll sell you this cow
She’s old and can’t get pregnant
Oh shit! yes she can….

Hamer v. Sidway

“Don’t Drink, Smoke, Gamble
I’ll give you lots of money”

Hurst v. WJ Lake & Co

A fixed amount that
is specified in contract
doesn’t mean jack shit


James v. Taylor

Gave land to the kids
Jointly and Severally
Them’s tort words, stupid.